Lionel Robinson & the “in” Crowd

lionel robinson & the “in” crowd“the very latest in latin lounge”

Return of the “in” crowd! All is forgiven. Following a four-year ban for numerous offences including failure to observe a coda sign, insisting that Yalumba is a South American dance, and flagrant misuse of a samba whistle in a built-up area, Lionel Robinson & the “in” crowd are back!

Lionel (Keys, Vocals, English) started his musical career in the understated 1970s as the pianist in Elton’s John’s Covent Garden restaurant, and he’s never had a proper job since. Just a bunch of mad moments: supporting Judas Priest on the Killing Machine tour, Top of the Pops with The Monks’ Nice Legs Shame About The Face, a solo career on Micky Most’s Rak label, the Marquee Club with Sex Pistol Glen Matlock’s Hot Club, writing music for Gerry Anderson’s Terrahawks, touring Europe with Shakin’ Stevens, performing in a self-penned musical at London’s Young Vic Theatre, sharing a piano stool with Joan Collins, a string of bands with great names and hairstyles… High spots? Jamming with Georgie Fame, shaking hands with Michel Legrand, playing the legendary Ronnie Scott’s Club in Soho with his band the Yow City Expedition.

Since discovering amazing Australia 23 years ago, Lionel has played the place from top to bottom, left to right, even the little island way down there and the red bit in the middle. High spots? Thredbo Jazz Fest – really truly! (and Fraser Island.)

Robin Grille (Percussion, Vocals, Uruguayan) hails from Montevideo, lending the band credibility and ensuring everyone pronounces Spanish words properly.

Stephen Marquis (Bass, Vocals, Australian) hails from NSW, lending the band credibility and ensuring everyone pronounces Australian words properly.

Both have put up with Lionel for over twenty years, and he is grudgingly grateful for their musical prowess and professions of friendship.

Secret weapon Karl Laskowski (Sax, Percussion) must come from somewhere East European, but the important thing is you’ve heard of him because he’s so brilliant, and his name ends in “ski”, which means he was always meant to end up in Thredbo.

Expect fun & frivolity, engaging riffs &rhythms, bits of swinging Frank, Nat, Ray, Burt, Beatles, Jobim, Mancini, a host of originals and a persuasive argument that Yalumba might just be a South American dance after all.

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